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As per a latest survey by World Health Organization about 3% of deaths in India are due to liver diseases. In simple figure the data mounts to 264,193 per year.  In addition to this 1 out of 5 Indians suffer from liver issues and bear the symptoms like pain in muscles, joints, loss of appetite, diarrhea, fever, jaundice, dark colored urine, liver enlargement, etc. Dr. Shailendra Kumar Singh is fighting and treating such fatal ailment with his courage, determination and experience of around 15 years. As an added advantage he uses homeopathy as materia medica. As it is known that homeopathy treats with minimum side-effect and toxicity.


Dr. Singh opted such a specialization because of the fact that people worldwide does not pay attention to such multitasking, immunity protecting organ. It is among one of the organ who not only contribute in digestion but also play a vital role in immunity boosting procedure of human body. He has done his BHMS from Fr Muller Homeopathic Medical College, Mangalore. He specialized as M.D. from Sai Nath Homeopathic Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Prayagraj. He has immense principles of serving the mankind with humanity. He institutionalized his thought through Liver Cure clinic in Indiranagar, Lucknow. He reduced the total cost of treatment of liver through the clinic; keeping in view that most can’t afford the expense required for the same. But still Dr. Singh is constantly raising the bar of treatment by not only providing his diagnosis but also adding the facilities in the clinic. LiverCure is a center which has device (Liver scan - Fibro Touch FT100) to scan for transient elastography of Liver.


Various achievements and awards acknowledge his hard work. He was associate professor and PG guide in department of Organon of Medicine at Sri Sai Nath Postgraduate Institute of Homeopathy Allahabad. He was visiting faculty for training of IAS and PCS officers at Uttar Pradesh Academy of Administration & Management, Lucknow. He has delivered more than 20 lectures on health and wellness to IAS AND PCS officers of Government of Uttar Pradesh.


He is a doctor who has already cured thousands of patients of liver disease. Adding to this as he is using homeopathy the disease loses its roots and never return back. The healthy patient can then lead a healthy, happy and well life.

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